Friday, March 20, 2009

Voice of Reason Sent to Every Owner of Undeveloped Tier I Property in Unincorporated Monroe County

Over the next few days, copies of our latest issue of The Voice of Reason should appear in the mailboxes of every owner of undeveloped, Tier I, property in unincorporated Monroe County. Even though we put this issue together a couple of months ago, we had to get it cleared by the Florida Bar as "advertising." The Bar's reviewer took issue with our use of words like "stealing" and "thieves," when referring to the governments of Florida and Monroe County. She suggested we were accusing government of criminal activities for which they should be tried and incarcerated. It hadn't crossed my mind yet, but sounds like a good idea to me!

So we toned down the rhetoric a notch, updated the story on page 4, and uploaded it to be printed and mailed -- by first-class mail. We are working on a modified version to be mailed to the owners of all undeveloped property in Islamorada and Marathon. Fortunately, now that we have been cleared by the Florida Bar with the current issue of The Voice of Reason, we don't have to submit future issues to the Bar for vetting.

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