Wednesday, March 25, 2009

3rd District Court of Appeal Denied Motions to Remand Beyer, McCole, and Sutton

Despite the fact that the City of Marathon agreed to the remand of Beyer v City of Marathon & the State of Florida, and the County's response to our remand motion in Sutton v. Monroe County was essentially "please make them write a Brief," the Florida 3rd District Court of Appeal denied our motions to remand Beyer, McCole v. City of Marathon, and Sutton in light of the Court's New Year's Eve decisions in Collins v. Monroe County and the State of Florida and Shands v. City of Marathon.

All three of these regulatory taking cases were dismissed on the same statute of limitation ground that was rejected by the same Court in Collins and Shands. The only opposition to our remand motions came in McCole, where the City raised an additional argument below and apparently thinks that argument might be enough to win. So, now we need to write three more Briefs, and have three more oral arguments. And the governments' private-sector lawyers will bill the taxpayers for more attorneys' fees.

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