Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Voice of Reason Recipients Getting the Message

Five weeks after mailing the latest Voice of Reason to every owner of Tier I land in unincorporated Monroe County, responses from all over the country have been strong. One-third of the affected landowners reside outside Florida; another third live in Florida but outside Monroe County; the other third reside in Monroe County.

We have been getting e-mails and telephone calls every day from landowners who have resisted the State's siren invitations to buy their land for pennies on the dollar. Almost without exception, these landowners have no clue what their property would be worth in a proper eminent domain proceeding. But ... these are individuals who have rejected State offers for years, and are willing to fight. The faint-hearted sold out long ago.

We continue to tell Keys landowners that they are opposing one of the United States' most intransigent enemies of landowners -- local governments that are captives of the homevoters that elect them.

If you have not received a Voice of Reason in the past six weeks, it is likely that the Monroe County Property Appraiser does not have your current address on file. You can resolve this by calling or writing the Property Appraiser to correct your mailing address. You will then receive the next Voice of Reason in the mail. That is because we use the Property Appraiser's database to build our mailing list. (To download the March 2009 issue, click on the title of this post.)

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